High MBBS fees in India leading doctors in debt!

High MBBS fees in India leading doctors in debt!

Today I am going to talk about the true story of how government and private colleges are charging so high money from students that they don’t have any option other than to leave their dream.

Why it happens!

Let me tell you some logical comments.

We have approx 210 medical colleges in India currently and the average fees for MBBS course is ranging between 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Even if you check government colleges, the fees are quite high.

Being a doctor is a big dream for many of the students. But still, they are not able to fulfill it.

Two reasons behind that:

1. Lack of MBBS seats 2. High fees

In this situation, how the students are going to fulfill their dream?

You have done great preparation for your NEET exam and scored more than 400 in the NEET exam & still the chances to get admission are so less.

Focus on the fee structure. MBBS in India is next to impossible if you do belong to the rich class.

When you start your MBBS in India, you end up paying 40-50 Lakhs to medical colleges and universities. And to pay these fees, you must have taken a bank loan.

By the end of the MBBS course, you will be paying approx 30 Lakhs of loan to the bank through installments. Your installments will be totally dependent upon your salary.

Now when you complete your 4.5 years duration MBBS course in India, you will be just doing your one-year paid internship where you will get a salary of around Rs. 20,000-25000 per month which barely compatible with your current salary.

After then, you will also be doing your PG medical or residential program in India. During that, your salary will be between Rs. 40,000-55,000 per month. If you consider in a government hospital, it is less than this.

After analyzing all the calculations, we come to the conclusion that you need to be more specific in your choices. You need to plan your financial plans before you decide on your medical career because you should choose a life where you will be facing more hurdles.

You can choose an easy way but an effective way. We are here to help you, students.

Mackwins education will help you in choosing the best countries options. Our counselors will understand your basic idea behind choosing MBBS as a career line and going abroad.

The best part about MBBS abroad is that the universities are MCI approved, have fewer fees which you and your parents can easily pay. You get a quality education and the best universities support. You get all kinds of facilities like a library, books, mess facilities and hostel facilities with Wi-Fi.

 So what are you waiting for?

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