Most helpful apps for students to download now in their mobile phone

Most helpful apps for students to download now in their mobile phone

Hi guys, as I promised before, my next blog would about top mobile applications for students to keep them on phones all the time.

You can go through it while you are traveling or in between your study time too. These apps are really going to help you to set your days on a knowledge bomb.

Grab these apps today on your phone.

So I didn’t tell you what kind of apps these will be, so here disclosing the app treasure.

# 1 SuperNote app

This app is like a lecture capture app. This is perfect for college lectures, meetings, conferences, seminars, brainstorming, quick notes & even to keep a to-do list. This will help you plan your daily task.  You can type or record whatever suits you. The notes are color-coded so you can easily find them. You can also set alert reminders on individual notes.

#2 Studyblue app

Studyblue app is like digital flashcards for you to study and share with your peers too. You can customize your study materials with images and audio. You can set study reminders too. You can access study materials across the world. You can view it as step-by-step textbook solutions. You can ask questions to get answers from the community & can study 450+ million materials.

#3 Exam prep apps

You can use various mobile apps like GMAT prep, GRE prep, NEER prep, PTE prep, vocabulary builder & banking guru app on your phone. These apps have built-in flashcards for you to remember basic things. It will help you to understand concepts better.

#4 wakeup apps

During exam days, one thing that we hate is waking up early. I know it happens with everyone but let’s accept, we all need to do this. And to help you better, Sleep cycle app is the right thing for you. It is an intelligent alarm that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up in sleep. You no need to place your device in bed- the sleep cycle uses sound analysis sleep tracking.

#5 timetable app

The class timetable app is the perfect companion for school, college, or university. Keep track of classes & add events to your week’s schedule with ease. It has a beautiful color-filled interface. It’s the perfect scheduled app.

#6 fun & fitness app

Getting fit has never been easy before. Here is the fun side. It has personalized workout plans to make sure you are training every day. And the fun side is you can compete with friends for extra encouragement & support.

Download and enjoy the fun at work.

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