German Student Visa Interview Questions Answers & Tips

German Student Visa Interview Questions Answers & Tips

What is a German visa question answers interview?Some international students who wish to pursue their studies in any German university have to experience the visa interview. The visa interview is held by the German embassy in India. They need all the documents related to your studies and stay over there in Germany and ask you questions related to your course.

Moreover, students who are going for a German medium are required to give a visa interview. It’s an updated rule that students going to pursue their studies in English in Germany need no interview at the German embassy.

So this blog is for those students, who are going to study any program in the German language in Germany.

What Documents Are Required For Visa Interview At the German Embassy?In the visa application, you are required to assemble all the documents. Here is the list below:

  • Completed application form
  • Valid passport
  • Two photographs
  • Letter showing you’ve been accepted by a German university
  • Transcript of academic record
  • Certificate of German language proficiency or proof that you intend on attending a language course in
  • Germany (if studying in German)
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany (€10,236 per year)
  • A certificate showing you’ve purchased health insurance
  • Declaration of the authenticity of documents submitted

Question CategoriesNo one can certainly tell you about what exact questions will be asked but yes, there are categories in questions which can be asked by the German embassy. However, some question types are here:

  • Purpose to choose Germany for studies.
  • Knowledge about Germany (cities, people, culture, famous places, etc.).
  • Future studies plans in Germany.
  • Current academic level.
  • Current & future financial status.
  • Common information about the study field.
  • Accommodation in Germany.
  • Holidays and semester-break.
  • Plans of the future.

Some Specific Student Visa Questions And Answers

1. Why do you want to study in Germany?

I decided to study in Germany because knowing it’s the world’s top attracting countries for international students and has a high-quality education and practical academics. It’s a perfect student-centric destination for me and enhances my practical knowledge in my studies.

2. Why this city you are going to?

I have choosen the university which is in this city. The university offers me a good course with practical knowledge.

3. Why do you choose this course?

(In case if you are going with the same previous course, answer like this):

It’s a good course and related to my previous course study so I want to excel in it more by studying this course further. The course offered in a German university has a good scope plus practical education.

(In case if you are not going with the same previous course, answer like this):

I have choosen this course because I want to take knowledge in this arena too and equip myself with more knowledge in two different fields like IT and management. Because by studying in two fields, I can do technical and as well management work whenever is needed.

4. Why did you choose this university?

When I decided to study in Germany, I went through many universities and courses in which I was interested. So, I selected this university because I found the subjects taught in detail. I checked the university website and found a good course and its practical knowledge.

5. Who motivated you to go to Germany?

I was studying this course in India. And during my studies, I found an article on studying in Germany. I was very much fascinated by German studies. So, I dug more in it and found amazing information about the universities and its education and that’s how I was motivated to study in Germany.

6. Do you know German?

Yes, I have learned German till (A1, A2 ..) level in India. And for further studies in language, I am going to join a language school in Germany.

(Here, answer the language level which you have learned and mentioned the language school in Germany which you have booked from India.)

More questions are here:

7. What do you know about Germany?

8. What is the duration of your course?

9. What is the scope of your course?

10. What is your course structure?

11. What is your course date?

12. Do you have a conditional letter for your course?

13. What is your intended travel date?

14. What is your current academic status?

15. How you are going to finance your education?

These are such questions that will be asked to you during your visa interview.

Tip: Answer the questions which don’t create more questions. Be specific in whatever questions asked to you. Do not give more information until not asked.

Also, learn more about studying in Germany 16 FAQ about studying in Germany.

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